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MESA Technologies

The MESA Standards Alliance is a trade alliance of utilities and energy storage industry participants creating physical, electrical, and communication standards to enable “plug & play” system interoperability. MESA partners are advancing a new, component-based approach to energy storage that gives electric utilities more choice, and empowers battery, power converter and software manufacturers to reach more customers while focusing on their individual core competencies.

Key MESA goals are:

  • Giving electric utilities more choice, by enabling multi-vendor, component-based energy storage systems.
  • Standardizing electrical and communication interfaces among battery, power conversion and software components.
  • Enabling a robust energy storage market, where component suppliers can reach more customers while focusing on their core competencies.
  • Working with industry standards organizations to publish MESA specifications and make key MESA technologies available in the public domain.


In the initial MESA project, 1Energy Systems will:

  • Provide software and system engineering.
  • Lead selection of future MESA partners providing batteries, power conversion and other components.
  • Deploy a one-megawatt (1 MW) MESA energy storage system at a Snohomish PUD substation.