About 1Energy Systems

Working with our industry partners and advisors, 1Energy Systems is addressing the growing field of electric energy storage with innovative technology and business models.


Our team has a long track record of building successful companies, and we’re passionate about what we do.


David Kaplan – CEO

David Kaplan is CEO and founder of 1Energy Systems, responsible for company leadership, strategy and execution.


In 2006, David founded V2Green to deliver the first technology platform connecting electric vehicles with the power grid. V2Green achieved national recognition as a leading clean tech company and was acquired by Gridpoint in 2008. Subsequently, David served as Grid Technologist for Snohomish County PUD, advising the General Manager and staff on new technology initiatives.


David has over 30 years of technology experience in fields such as database management, web services, and radio-frequency identification (RFID). At Microsoft, he helped to create SQL Server, Access, and the company's internet services platform.


Tom Melling – Executive Vice President, Operations

Tom Melling is Executive Vice President of Operations for 1Energy Systems, responsible for all non-engineering aspects of the company's business, including business development, customer support and strategic partner relationships.


Tom has more than a decade of experience as a software executive and successful startup entrepreneur. At Serengeti Law, as Vice President of Product Management, he helped lead the company from its inception in 2001 through its acquisition by Thomson Reuters in 2010. Tom served as President of the Serengeti Law division of Thomson Reuters from the merger until 2012.


Andrew Miller – Vice President, Engineering

Andrew Miller is Vice President of Engineering at 1Energy Systems, responsible for all aspects of engineering and product development.


Andrew has over 20 years of software and services development experience with database management systems, web services, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and software as a service (SaaS). At Microsoft, Andrew delivered multiple versions of Microsoft Access,  helped shape the user experience in Microsoft SharePoint, and led the global engineering team responsible for Microsoft CRM and Microsoft CRM Online.


Daniel Malarkey – Vice President,

Business Development and Public Policy

Daniel Malarkey is Vice President of Business Development and Public Policy for 1Energy Systems, responsible for developing new business opportunities and encouraging public policies that support grid-connected energy storage.


Daniel has over 30 years experience in technology and public policy. He recently served as the Deputy Director for the Washington State Department of Commerce, where his duties included management and policy leadership for the state energy office and state broadband office. He has held senior positions at Amazon.com, as an investment banker to local governments, and as an economic and management consultant. He is a frequent speaker on clean technology and economic policy issues.