A Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Sources

Our energy dependence is increasing day-by-day, with the ever-expanding population as well as the introduction of more and more appliances and gadgets in the market promising to make our life easier and better.

Renewable Energy Guide

A Beginner’s Guide To Renewable Energy Sources

Facts About Solar Energy

Facts About Solar Energy and Solar Panels

The earliest recorded use of solar energy by humans was in the 7th century BC when the magnifying glass was used to light fire. Later, in the 3rd century BC, Greeks and Romans harnessed solar energy to light torches for religious ceremonies using mirrors.  The “sunrooms” in Roman bathhouses and much later the solar-powered ovens

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How Long Do Solar Panels Last

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

One of the obvious questions that crop up when thinking about going solar is “how long do solar panels last on average?”. And, this is an essential aspect to understand the value you are getting for the money spent. Though the lifespan of the solar panel is a vital factor, equally important is the effect

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Clean Source of Energy

Clean Source of Energy: Facts and Information

Clean, Green, Renewable, Sustainable – these are words that we often find being used interchangeably to describe non-polluting and environment-friendly sources of energy.  Do they mean the same? What exactly is clean energy? How clean is it in reality? How does it benefit us? Which energy sources qualify as one?  Read on to learn more

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Solar for Rentals

Solar for Rentals: Ways to Go Solar Without Rooftop

No rooftop to install solar panels? Staying in a rental property? Do not have funds to purchase solar equipment? Don’t worry. You can still go solar. Replacing grid energy generated from fossil fuels with clean renewable energy like solar power is a big step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and reversing climate change. As

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Are Solar Panels Worth It

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

You may have come across ads touting that solar power installations can save thousands of dollars. When presented in a particular way, this sounds attractive. In fact, it sounds too good to be true. Is that the real story? Are solar panels worth it? The average price tag of solar equipment with a 10-kW capacity

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Selling Solar Power to Generate Income

Selling Solar Power to Generate Income

It is common knowledge that we can save money with solar installation. And, we have often heard about exporting surplus solar energy generated to the main grid with a net-metering mechanism. So, is a residential solar installation a potential income generator? Let us examine the facts and find out the answer to this question. Table

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