10 Best Outdoor Solar Table Lamps

Best outdoor solar table lamps

When you want to spend some time outdoors after sundown, the phone flashlight is always there for emergencies. But if you want to relax on your patio, gazebo, or pergola and enjoy the open air, maybe read a book or have dinner or even throw a party, you need better lighting than that.

Solar outdoor table lamps are available in the market in all shapes and sizes. As this is outdoors we are talking about, solar lamps are always a good option. These will help you light up the place without adding a cent to your energy bill.

This article explores the choices available in solar outdoor table lamps. You will find here listed some of the best choices on offer in this category.

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    Why choose solar for outdoor lighting?

    If you want to make the most of the outdoor space you have, you need to spruce it up with good lighting. Unfortunately, this also means the extra effort and expense of wiring and installing fixtures. You can accomplish this task without hassles if you choose solar outdoor table lamps. 

    If you are living in a place with at least 4 hours of direct sunlight, solar lamps are excellent choices for outdoor lighting. Patios are typically built on the sunny side of the house. Besides offering a place to sit in and enjoy nature, it also protects the house from direct sunlight, thus reducing the energy needed for cooling the interiors. 

    Using solar lighting for patios seems the obvious choice under the circumstances. Solar outdoor table lamps are available in a wide range to suit your needs and wallet. 

    Sometimes having too many choices is not good as it can also be confusing. To help you pick the best-suited one for your needs, here is a shortlist of 10 of the best solar outdoor table lamps.

    Most of the products listed here offer the option of charging using grid energy or batteries for days when the sunlight is insufficient.

    10 Best outdoor solar table lamps

    1. Shumi Solar Table Lamp

    Shumi Solar Table Lamp

    This simple and elegant solar table lamp offers a soft glow in 3 lighting modes – gentle warm, warm, and warm white. You can change the lighting modes and brightness levels by pulling the chain provided. 

    As the lamp is powered by solar energy, it is wireless and can be moved with ease. To get the best out of this lamp, it needs to be charged in direct sunlight for 8 hours. If need be, this can also be used for indoor lighting purposes.

    This lamp comes with an IP 44 waterproof rating. This means the lamp can be safely used outdoors. It can withstand rain, besides splashing water or low-velocity water spray. However, it may not survive pressurized water from a jet wash. This outdoor lamp is also built to withstand harsh weather conditions like snow and hail.

    Product Description

    • Dimension: ‎7.67″D x 7.67″W x 11.02″H
    • Weight: 1.43 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Stainless steel
    • Guarantee Details: 180-day warranty

    2. Pearlstar Solar Lantern

    Pearlstar Solar Lantern

    These cute lantern-like lights come in a 2 pack. You can keep them on the tabletop or use them as hanging lights. Pearlstar solar lanterns are designed as decorative lamps with a soft glow. The light is not bright enough to illuminate your outdoor space. 

    These solar lights come with an in-built dawn/dusk sensor to switch on and off automatically as the sun goes up and down. As the lantern works on solar power, it can be kept anywhere once they are fully charged. This means 6-8 hours in direct sunlight. 

    The lantern is built for outdoor use with an IP44 waterproof rating. It can survive rain, snow, and water splashes without getting damaged. To some extent, they are dust-proof as well.

    These solar outdoor table lamps are made from ABS plastic with a bronze finish. Pearlstar lanterns are also available in bigger sizes (8.3”) offering slightly more illumination.

    Product Description

    • Dimension: ‎3.2”(L)*3.2”(W)*5.5”(H)
    • Weight: 1.0 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: ABS Plastic with Bronze finish
    • Battery: 600mAH NI-MH Rechargeable battery

    3. LUTEC Solar Table Cube Light

    LUTEC Solar Table Cube Light

    Lutec presents this waterproof solar table light with 3 brightness levels – 10 lumens, 40 lumens, and 100 lumens. This elegant solar desk lamp can be used indoors once it is charged fully. 

    This solar table lamp is made from acrylic, making it durable, lightweight, and portable. It comes with a 1200mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery, which helps in providing power throughout the night. However, you can replace the battery if sunlight is not available for charging.

    Lutec solar light is designed to be waterproof and dustproof to survive outdoors. The brand offers a 25-month warranty to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    Product Description

    • Dimension: ‎4.72″D x 4.72″W x 5.12″H
    • Weight: 1.01 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Plastic and glass
    • Battery: 1200mAH Li-ion Rechargeable battery

    4. Esgarden Solar Light

    Esgarden Solar Light

    The Moroccan design on the lamp casts beautiful patterns all around. This solar table lamp is made of metal and finished in bronze color. Esgarden light can be used as a tabletop or hanging light.

    The lightweight lamp will offer a soft beautiful glow all through the night if it is charged for 6-8 hours in direct sunlight. Its auto on/off feature is useful to light up your patio automatically at sundown and switches off on its own at daybreak.

    Made for rugged outdoor weather, this lamp has an IPX4 waterproof rating. This means it is resistant to water splashing from any direction and corrosion resistant. Ni-MH battery also comes with the package.

    Product Description

    • Dimension: ‎5″L x 5″W x 8″H
    • Weight: 1.1 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Metal with bronze finish
    • Battery: Ni-MH 2V/AA 600mah battery
    • Guarantee Details: 365 days Limited Product Warranty

    5. LETRY Outdoor Table Lamp

    LETRY Outdoor Table Lamp

    This stylish solar table lamp from Letry comes in an industrial design to add chic to your patio or backyard. Like most solar lamps listed here, this one also has a brightness adjustment feature (35 lumens, 140 lumens, and 330 lumens). This can double up as a hanging lantern as well. 

    One of the standout features of this solar lamp is its alternative USB charging port. On less sunny days, this may come in handy, while it can make the best use of the sun when it is shining bright. It has 4 Li-ion batteries to store sufficient power. 

    If charged for 8-12 hours, it can store enough power to provide light in the dimmest mode for 60-70 hours. As this solar power table lamp is designed specifically for outdoor spaces, it comes with an IP44 waterproof rating.

    Made from PC/ABS material, this lamp is durable, rustproof, and lightweight. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money refund guarantee and a 24-month warranty besides a lifetime after-sale support service. 

    Product Description

    • Dimension: 5.3″ L x 5.3″ W x 7.4″ H
    • Weight: 1.76 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: PC/ABS body
    • Battery: 4 Li-ion batteries (4*1200 mAh)
    • Guarantee Details: 24-month Product Warranty

    6. TomCare Solar Lights

    TomCare Solar Lights

    TomCare outdoor lamp is popular for its flickering flame design, imitating the real flame. When fully charged, this solar lamp can create the right ambiance for your outdoor space throughout the night. Unlike most solar lamps, this one doesn’t need direct sunlight. It can charge well in daylight as well.

    Again, this solar lamp comes equipped with superior IP65 waterproof ratings. It is better protected against extreme weather conditions, especially, rain and snow. Auto on/off is a convenient feature. The design of the lamp is such that it can be used as a hanging lantern or table lamp.

    With a rustproof metal body, the sides of this solar lantern are made of polyplastic to resemble glass. The bronze finish and vintage design add to its charm. Lightweight and portable, this outdoor lamp can light up your patio year after year.

    Product Description

    • Dimension: ‎4.7″L x 4.7″W x 8.3″H
    • Weight: 1.81 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Metal/Polyplastic with bronze finish
    • Battery: 2 Li-ion batteries
    • Guarantee Details: 12-month Product Warranty

    7. Mosaic Solar Lanterns

    Mosaic Solar Lanterns

    This beautiful hanging lantern acts both as a piece of decor and a light source. Made from hand-blown glass, this is an amalgamation of art and technology. The colored glass of blue and yellow casts exquisite mosaic patterns all around when lit up at night.

    This hand-crafted lamp is solar-powered to make the most of the sunshine. When fully charged, this lamp will last for 8 hours or even more in a dim setting. The solar lamp is IP44 waterproof. This means it can withstand the onslaught of rain and snow without getting damaged. 

    The mosaic solar lamp will be a great addition to your outdoor space. It will serve as decor during the daytime and provide much-needed light during the nighttime. 

    Product Description

    • Dimension: 3.54×3.54×5.7 inches
    • Weight: 1.17 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Metal/glass
    • Battery: Ni-MH Rechargeable battery

    8. Solar Mercury Glass Jar Table Lamp

    Solar Mercury Glass Jar Table Lamp

    Resembling a star-studded night sky, this solar lamp is made from premium glass designed with a bronze-mercury finish. The vintage style is complete with speckled bronze coating giving it a soft glow. 

    Besides its tantalizing looks, the table lamp also comes with adequate features for survival in the rugged outdoors. IP44 weatherproofing ensures its protection from rain and snow. Durable electroplating, rustproof handles, and provision of a tiny drain hole on the bottom panel help in weathering the rough and tumble of outdoors.

    With the solar panel providing power to the table lamp, it doesn’t come with ugly wires. This means it can be moved around with ease. Moreover, during the daytime, this lamp serves as a beautiful piece of decor. 

    Product Description

    • Dimension: 7.48″D x 7.48″W x 8.26″H
    • Weight: 2.9 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Metal/glass/plastic with bronze finish
    • Battery: NIMH AA 400mAh Rechargeable battery

    9. Color-Changing Ceramic Solar Table Lamp

    Color-Changing Ceramic Solar Table Lamp

    Ideal as a centerpiece and a source of light, this ceramic solar table lamp is a winner all the way. As light filters through the leaf-shaped holes on the sides of this lamp, it projects leaf shapes on the surroundings. 

    Charging this lamp is easy enough. Place it in direct sunlight. Once fully charged, it can work for 6-8 hours. The lamp comes with 2 switch modes – one is multi-colored light mode and the other is white light.

    As this lamp is powered by solar cells, there is no need for wiring or installation. As ceramic is inherently impervious to moisture, rusting, or any other form of corrosion, this lamp is durable and long-lasting. This table lamp also comes with an IP44 waterproof rating. 

    Product Description

    • Dimension: 6.1″D x 6.1″W x 4.33″H
    • Weight: 1.17 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Ceramic
    • Battery: 600mAh Ni-Mh Rechargeable battery

    10. HDNICEZM Garden Solar Table Light

    HDNICEZM Garden Solar Table Light

    This unique solar table lamp comes with an elegant design, making it a decor piece in its own right. The flame-shaped lamp is made from crackle glass and stainless steel. 

    The auto on/off feature is a useful addition to ensure that your patio is always lit up. When fully charged, the lamp can provide light for 6-8 hours. 

    Installation is simple enough for this solar lamp. You just need to screw in the top half to the bottom half. Screws are provided in the package. Keep the switch in the “On” position and leave it. The light will come on when the natural light is not enough.

    Product Description

    • Dimension: 17.71 x 6.49 x 2.55 inches
    • Weight: 1.12 pounds
    • Light type: LED
    • Material and finish: Glass and metal
    • Battery: NiMH AAA600mah rechargeable batteries

    Bottom line

    Solar outdoor table lamps can provide ample light, brightness, and security to outdoor spaces without the need for wiring and grid energy. They come equipped with a horde of useful features besides providing illumination.

    If you are confused about which ones to buy, you should gain a better understanding of your requirements. There are all kinds of solar lamps available in the market for use in outdoor spaces. Some are bright enough to light up the entire area, while others are more for decor and effect. 

    Solar lamps are the best ones to light up your patios and backyards as they tap the free energy of the sun to illuminate the space at night. These will save you on energy bills and expenses for wiring and installation.

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