Best Solar Power Bank for Camping

Best Solar Power Bank for Camping

Camping in remote places requires an alternative source of power to charge phones and other electronic gadgets. Solar power banks are good alternatives to power mobile phones and other small electronic gadgets. The devices enable vacationers to charge their smartphones using solar energy. Key considerations in identifying the best portable solar charger include battery capacity and speed of charging. Evaluation of main models in the market is key to making an informed purchase decision. In this post, We review the best solar power bank for camping to keep you charged and powered up with all your essential gadgets.

Operation principles of a solar power bank

The major components of a portable solar charger are solar panels, controllers, batteries.  The photovoltaic cells trap sun energy that is directed to charge the batteries in the device. Controllers regulate solar energy to minimize the damage caused by excessive charging. Additionally, solar chargers have the option of charging from the wall socket. The battery capacity is measured in milliampere/hour (mAh), which represents the amount of energy charge stored in the battery.

Key factors to consider when purchasing the best portable solar charger

1. Solar panel size

The solar panel’s capacity is measured in watts (W). The majority of the solar chargers have small panels of less than 2W, leading to slow charging. As a result, folding panel chargers are more desirable because they have higher wattage, leading to faster charging. The camping solar power bank should be fast charging to maximize available sunlight and store the energy for later use. 

2. Battery Capacity

Modern smartphones have larger batteries. The best portable solar charger should have a large storage capacity, measured in mAh to allow campers to charge their phones without worriers. For example, a battery of 30000 mAh is more desirable when camping for several days than 10000 mAh. Full charge in large storage batteries allows users to enjoy more charging time as they recharge the solar power banks. 

3. Size and weight

Hiking solar charger has to be lightweight and portable. Compact solar charger for camping help reduces the load as people are sightseeing in remote places. Additionally, a solar power bank for backpacking needs to be small enough to fit on the bag with other gadgets. Individuals can charge them in their backpacks as they move around in remote areas.

4. Durability

Ruggedness is important in camping solar chargers. A long-lasting camping solar power bank enables owners to get value for the money spent. The best solar charger for backpacking should withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, extreme temperatures. Also, in case of a fall, the hiking solar charger should withstand the impact. 

5. Additional features

One of the extra features for camping solar power bank is the LED flashlight to use at night or in dark places such as caves. Secondly, handles enable owners to conveniently carry around the portable solar chargers. Likewise, shockproof and waterproof hiking solar chargers are more desirable because they are durable.


Top 5 solar power bank for camping based on consumers review

1. Blavor solar power bank, 20000mAh

blavor solar power bank 2000mAh

Blavor is a huge capacity power bank that charges the latest phones such as iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. The 8W Fast Charging 8W portable solar charger is ideal for hiking and camping due to its large power storage capacity. Additionally, it has a built-in compass and LED flashlight. The extra features allow nature enthusiasts to move freely without in remote places. 

Consumers are thrilled with the massive power and durability of Blavor solar chargers. The 73% five-star rating and 15% 4-star review depict the reliability of the gadget. The major concern is a low-capacity solar panel which affects outdoor charging. The large battery capacity and extra features make it must have a solar charger for camping.

2. ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank – 25000mAh

ADDTOP Solar charger power bank 25000mAh

ADDTOP chargers are 3-4 times faster because of the use of 4 premium solar panels. The foldable solar panels are efficient and portable making the model an ideal camping solar power bank. The presence of a protection system guarantees the safety of charged phones.

The 538g makes the device the best portable solar charger with a flashlight. The average of 4.4 rating from over 4300 buyers depicts the reliability of the gadget due to its high capacity. One of the users claimed that they survived a 4-day trip with the solar power bank charging several devices.  

3. FEELLE Solar Power Bank Charger - 25000mAh


The 25000mAh portable solar charger has four foldable solar panels. The compact nature and fast charging capabilities using solar energy make FEELLE solar power bank an ideal solar power bank for backpacking. The 538g solar power bank is easy to carry around and guarantees fast charging for all phone models.

  The 69% 5-star rating from over 2000 users shows that FEELLE solar power bank is a compact and efficient solar charger for camping. Users articulate that the model is “great for emergencies” and is “easy to use, with great output.”

4. Suscell Solar Power Bank, 30000 mAh


Suscell 30000 mAh battery’s compatibility with diverse mobile devices makes it the best solar power bank for backpacking. The inbuilt intelligent protection system protects the phone and the solar power bank from over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, and overload. The 420g weight makes Suscell the great solar charger for backpacking since it is lightweight. 

The popularity of the Suscell portable solar power bank is evident from 67% of five-star reviews. Customers indicate that it “looks cool, high-tech, and waterproof.”  The high capacity, durability, and compactness make the model one of the best camping solar power banks. 

5. Qisa Solar Power Bank 38800mAh

Qisa Solar Power Bank 38800mAh

The 38800mAh solar charger has the latest QI wireless charging technology. Qisa solar power bank takes between 6 and 8 hours to charge the battery by 5%. The use of solar chargers is ineffective because of the large battery capacity. The 548g solar power bank is portable and provides enough electricity to charge different phone models. 

Qisa solar power bank offers the best solution when hiking or camping. One of the customers indicated that” You can charge most phones more than 10 times and tablets at least 3.4 times.” This superiority makes Qisa solar power bank among the top best portable solar charger.

Final Verdict

The ranking above is based on battery capacity and popularity. However, the major concern when buying the best solar charger for backpacking is the ability of the solar panels to charge the gadget. The large battery capacity makes it challenging to fully charge the power bank using sunlight. Hence, initial charging using mains electricity is necessary before starting the journey. Additionally, foldable solar panels allow for faster charging of camping solar power banks. 

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