12 Ways To Reduce Electricity Consumption At Home

12 Ways To Reduce Electricity Consumption At Home

If you are looking for ways to reduce electricity consumption at home, you have come to the right place. High electricity usage not only increases your electricity bills but increases your carbon footprint too. 

Did you know that electricity providers generate the second-largest share of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.? Yes, approximately 62% of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, including natural gas and coal. 

That is why you need to save electricity by reducing electricity consumption at home. This article provides information on 12 ways to reduce electricity consumption at home and save money over time.

1. Use Energy Saving Appliances

If you have outdated electrical appliances in your home, it’s best to replace them with the latest Energy-Star appliances to conserve electricity in your home. 

In fact, dryers and refrigerators are considered to be two of the most energy-intensive appliances in your home. Replacing these appliances with better energy-efficient models can reduce your energy costs by at least half by saving electricity. 

Installing a heat pump is another great idea to reduce electricity consumption at home. Make sure you maintain all electrical appliances properly and replace the outdated models with the latest energy-efficient models to make them have less burden on your electricity usage.

2. Unplug Devices When Not Using

Did you know that your electrical appliances use as much as 75% of their electricity even when switched off? 

Electrical appliances on standby such as TVs, video game consoles, and computers draw small amounts of electricity while waiting for use. Make sure you unplug these devices without leaving them on standby to save your energy bills and the planet.

3. Keep The Thermostat At A Lower Temperature

Keeping your thermostat at a lower temperature (approximately 17 degrees) can make a big difference in your energy consumption. Use a smart programmable thermostat for better saving energy and reducing your electricity bills in the long run.

4. Cold Wash Your Laundry When You Can

Cold washing your laundry whenever possible is a great way to save energy in your home. You should treat the warm wash as optional for occasions when you really need it. On the other hand, modern washers and detergents are mainly designed for cold washing. You will quickly know how spotless your clothes become with cold washing.

5. Dry The Clothes And Dishes Naturally

Cutting out the functions of the dryer as much as possible is another way to reduce electricity consumption at home. You can dry your clothes in the sun – if you reside in a home that allows for it. 

If you have to use the dryer, use a lower setting even if drying takes longer. Try to wipe down your dishes with a napkin to ditch the dishwasher’s heated drying cycle. If not, you can even leave the dishwasher door open to allow for air drying to save money on the heat cycle. Air drying dishes are perfectly normal and hygienic.

6. Use Large Appliances Together

Even though modern washers and dryers are energy-efficient, they still consume a lot of electricity with each use. 

Pooling your laundry together (as a family) and doing full loads all at once is a great way to save energy by cutting down on the number of times you use the washer and dryer each day or week. 

If you are ironing clothes, make sure that you iron large batches of clothes at one time. It saves the iron from needing to be reheated and saves energy as a result.

7. Lessen The Usage Of Water

Reducing your hot water use can help reduce the energy consumption in your home. It is a simple and easy way to decrease bills, lessen the impact on the environment by reducing electricity usage, and reduce heating costs for winter months or even cooler summer days!

Water is a precious resource. Try not to waste it by taking long showers, turning off running taps when you don’t need them, only using as much water in the cooking process so that your food lasts longer too since we all know how expensive these things tend to be around cooking dishes!

8. Solar-Powered Devices

You can find a solar-powered model for almost any electrical appliance you use in your home these days. Switching to solar-powered appliances can go a long way in saving electricity and lowering your maintenance and replacement costs of such electronics.

9. Adjust Light Use

Switch off all the necessary lights when you are not using them. Use the latest energy-efficient bulbs with higher wattage and reduce the number of light bulbs in each room. 

Avoid turning on electric lights during the day when you can let in natural light. You can also use natural light if you are working from home. It helps improve your mood and productivity as a result. Don’t forget to turn off the lights before you go out of the house.

10. Reduce Draughts by Identifying and Repairing Air Leaks

If you feel that hot air is finding its way into your living space in summer or cold air gets in the house in winter, chances are you have air leaks somewhere in your home. 

Cutting out these air leaks is a great way to save energy and reduce your electricity bills over time. Look out for draughts from external windows and doors and repair them to prevent air leaks from outside. 

That way, you will also prevent the need for the HVAC system to work hard to keep your family comfortable. Less electricity usage will be the result.

11. Install Ceiling Fans For Cooler Air

Installing a ceiling fan can be easy to reduce electricity consumption at home. It’s a well-known fact that installing ceiling fans can make your home more comfortable, but did you know it also reduces electricity consumption? 

The blades of these devices are designed to circulate cool air throughout the room. This way, we don’t have as many electronics running in our homes during hot months when Operating A/C units would be sufficient.

12. Use Thermal Curtains

To save money and reduce your electricity bill, you can use thermal curtains to keep warm during cool seasons. In addition, installing them will help with winter comfort because it helps lower indoor temperatures when there’s a lot of snow outside!

Reduce your home’s electricity consumption to save the earth, lower your energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There are many ways you can do this at home. One way is by using renewable resources like wind and solar power instead of burning fossil fuels in coal plants for generating electricity.

Here are 12 ways to reduce electricity consumption at home. If you want to save money on your monthly bills and help the environment, try some of these tips today! Let us know how it goes in the comments below. Do any of these methods seem like they might work for you?

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